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Reading our report

So big week this week - we finally opened our new business and we got our report to read and sign off.

Strange feeling to think we have finally finished an epic 5 months. We're both shattered but I guess that's good practice for being dads.

The report was lovely, well written, a good representation of us as people and as a family. We feel very lucky to have been working with our SW on her last case before retirement. I hope we are still on schedule for going to panel on the 17th (3 weeks!!).

We just need to have a meeting with a different SW to get a second opinion and then it's on to panel.

Mad that we are here. To be honest we haven't had much time to think about children for the last few weeks as we have been crazy busy at work but now we have a little time to reflect I can feel the bubble of excitement growing.

This and That

Have been meaning to do an update for a while but we're manic with trying to get our new shop ready to launch this month. We're actually very grateful for having a few weeks "off" from home visits, it means we can now focus on work for a while whilst the report is written up. We should get a copy of it soon to read over so that will be exciting/weird. As I said I think we have been very honest and open with our SW and I think she has a pretty good gauge of us so I doubt there will be any surprises in the report but it will be nice to read her comments. Then we will be booked in for a second opinion meeting and onwards to Panel. Think we are still on for April 17th but it may be May 1st. We're happy either way really.

Also we attended the LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week event put on by Cornwall Council. It was so lovely to spend a few hours talking about adoption. Ben said after it crazy how much we now know about it and the process. Also how much of an opinion w…

Our last proper home visit

We had our last proper meeting yesterday and it feels slightly odd.

We just had to finish off some sections we hadn't spoken about - guardians etc. Also go threw a checklist and our Social worker had to do a check list of the Health and Safety bits of the house. Fire alarms, where we keep our knives lock on the medicine cabinet. All fairly painless. Funny feeling going over formalities with our SW as we have a very relaxed relationship with her.

We also spoke about the 10 year old boy that we have been looking at. We have decided not to go any further with him as he is nearly 11 and will be going to Secondary school next year. It is very hard to say no to him but we know that it is right for us. After doing the observation with our friend 7 year old we both felt that 7 was old let alone 10 - 11. We have put down a preference of 4 - 8 and we and our SW are very pleased with that. I think that the little boy we said no to will always stay with us and turning him down has been very t…