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More info

I emailed our SW worker today saying we would like to get more info on this young man expecting to wait til Friday for a reply as she is on leave now. But within a few hours we had a response and she is going to be making calls on Tuesday and is trying to get us some photos from the foster carers. So it's all systems go ....... Crazy feelings. Hard to pinpoint. Trying to stay calm and rational but sometimes failing miserably.

24th of May is a big date for us

Today is our one year anniversary. This time last year we were sitting down to a stunning lunch in London with our parents and best friends. It was a stunningly hot day and we were very happy young men (youngish). This year - about the same time we get a call from our SW about a potential match. Hands up who believe in fate?

We haven't heard from our new SW since panel 5 weeks ago as she is part of the senior management team and there has been a lot going on in the department. We were ok with the break but had just started to wonder how long we'd have to wait for contact. Then it happens.

There are a lot of questions to be asked about this little one and we know little about them apart from the basics but our SW is dropping off the report tonight so we can read it over and see what we think. It's funny, we met a lady in our village who has a young boy that she adopted a few years ago and last night we caught up with her properly and after talking to her it made me feel tha…

All quiet on the western front

Just thought I'd do a quick update .... Although it is an update and not having anything to update about. Does that even make sense?

Our SW has no retired and we have been assigned another SW who we've met and knows us etc. so all is good with that. We haven't heard from her yet, not unusual I'm sure but it's a funny feeling and I thought it worth describing on here.

Getting to panel is this big thing, very focused and with a lot of contact. It's tiring and seems like a steep hill to climb. Before we got there we were thinking how nice it would be to get approved then "get back to normal". To not be so focused on adoption. But the truth is I think about it everyday and I want to start reading kids reports. I want us to be matched and have a child ASAP. I kind of pretend its good to have so time but the truth is I want the momentum to keep going. It ironic really as I think in the beginning we thought that getting a child would e the end of this year e…