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Haven't updated this for a while as we have had a very busy summer at work and not a very busy time on the adoption front.
Be My Parent is a great resource but its also quiet soulless and disheartening at times. We've made 4 enquiries and received two responses. One the profile doesn't go into the child's medical issues and question marks the other has already been linked. The other two profiles we've heard nothing back from even though I've followed up with a direct email. So looking back on BMP there are 100's of profiles and looking through them is draining.
We also haven't heard much from our SW (it's summer holidays so I get that it'll be quieter). She has said we've been looked at for profiles but because of location not been able to be considered. We know that it will happen but I think we're both getting a little impatient at the mo. it's hard to plan anything at the mo because we don't know what will happen.
I think what…

Expressing an interested in profiles makes you crazy ...,

This week we joined be my parent and have expressed interest in two separate profiles. First one the SW phoned the next morning. The second one we haven't heard anything from, its not been long so not to worry, also it's August so SW may be away on holiday etc. my logical brain is screaming at me to calm down and get on with things however every five minutes I'm checking my phone to see if I've missed a call. Refreshing emails every few minutes just in case (in case of what I don't know - not expecting an email from anyone). I'm sure I've said it before - and will say it again in the future - but this process makes you crazy. Last night I woke up in the middle of a dream about one of the profiles, I jumped out of bed (responding to an imagined cry from the spare room) with my heart racing.

Next step ...

I signed us up to be my parent yesterday and Ben logged in and had a look around and or child jumped out at us so I hit the enquire button. This morning we had a call from his SW. She is going to make contact with our SW and his details are being sent down. Crazy that it's so quick or maybe just reassuring!

Next step

We're coming up to three months since our approval and are getting things going with being able to search for children out of county. We have asked our SW to get us on the national register and have got access to profile via New Family Social. It is strange to ne start actively looking at profiles. It's a very odd feeling. A word or phrase in a report just makes you think 'no' or if you don't see any issues you start thinking could this be 'the one' and freak out! It's not helped that Ben has been away for two days so ive been sitting over thinking things.

I'm going to get s on be y parent and children who wait as well just so we an over load on profiles!

It's very exciting but extremely daunting as well. The roller coaster continues ......