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next step

Last week we had a meeting with our lovely new social worker here on Guernsey and they now have our report. We had a catch up on the reasons why we have moved and what has changed for us in the last 12 months. Obviously we have rather a lot of "changes" that we need to document so that they can go to a review panel and then we can move on to family finding. Everything sounds very positive and we have some home work to do before we see her again. It is stuff we have done before but obviously we now have different accommodation, jobs and our support network has altered slightly. I think the same people are involved but because of geography we may not rely on some people as much s maybe we would have if we were still in cornwall.

So all is feeling positive and all is moving on. We have stopped looking on Be My Parent for a while - (Ben signed us back up a few months ago) as it is unrealistic to think that when we are ready to look that these young people will still be looking. …

Next step

It's crazy how, once dipping a toe back into the adoption world, the speed the roller coaster starts off with!

We had a call from the adoption team in guernsey yesterday about our "options" it's sort of complicated but I will try and outline them as best as I can.

So to avoid only one of us adopting (guernsey law at present) and one having adoption rights we can either get Cornwall to send our PAR to guernsey team and they will support us in family finding nationally. Or Cornwall could try and place one for there children with us and guernsey would support post adoption. I still have family in Cornwall so this would mean we could keep the connection for holidays etc. Either of these options would be great for us as we would both be the adoptive parents.

If guernsey had a child for us we could still adopt and accept  the fact that one of us would adopt and one would have parental responsibility. This would be an ok option as I think the law will change over here. Ther…

Five months on

Hello lovely Blog, oh how I've missed you.

Well these past five months have certainly been a journey. Some much change that my brain is rattling. But we took the plunge yesterday and called Guernsey adoption team to start the ball rolling. More on that in a mo.

We have both now settled into working more creatively and are so much happier than sitting in our lovely little shop. It's also great to watch my parents taking the shop on from strength to strength. The building work on my mother in laws house should start soon so HOPEFULLY by the autumn we will have our separate accommodation. So all is shaping up for us to be ready to get a kid towards the end of the year /early next year. We have both swung dramatically, from not ever wanting children to being so sad that we haven't already got a family, over the past five months. I know at one point I started a sentence about our "freedom" and end up talking about family trips to the beach.

One of the main reasons we …

2014 - the year of "New"

Forgive the brief hiatus over the past three months but a lot has changed for us and I needed some space away from Adoption whilst I dealt with everything. But now I am back. I have just logged onto NFS for the first time in ages and it was great to be back on there. I think i can see myself getting addicted again.

As the Title of this post says 2014 is, for us , a year of "New"

New home

New Island

New Jobs

New outlook

New Family (hopefully)

Let me explain fully. We were very close to being matched to the amazing young man from out of county. His SW was travelling 2 hours down to see us and I was thinking about him daily. i had started to think about schools and how we were going to sort out work etc. Every time we talked about how it would work there was something nagging at both of us. Adoption is an amazing journey of self exploration and it keeps on giving you new things. We realised that we had created a version of our life that we didn't really want. The shop we sp…