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Five months on

Hello lovely Blog, oh how I've missed you.

Well these past five months have certainly been a journey. Some much change that my brain is rattling. But we took the plunge yesterday and called Guernsey adoption team to start the ball rolling. More on that in a mo.

We have both now settled into working more creatively and are so much happier than sitting in our lovely little shop. It's also great to watch my parents taking the shop on from strength to strength. The building work on my mother in laws house should start soon so HOPEFULLY by the autumn we will have our separate accommodation. So all is shaping up for us to be ready to get a kid towards the end of the year /early next year. We have both swung dramatically, from not ever wanting children to being so sad that we haven't already got a family, over the past five months. I know at one point I started a sentence about our "freedom" and end up talking about family trips to the beach.

One of the main reasons we …