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Next step

It's crazy how, once dipping a toe back into the adoption world, the speed the roller coaster starts off with!

We had a call from the adoption team in guernsey yesterday about our "options" it's sort of complicated but I will try and outline them as best as I can.

So to avoid only one of us adopting (guernsey law at present) and one having adoption rights we can either get Cornwall to send our PAR to guernsey team and they will support us in family finding nationally. Or Cornwall could try and place one for there children with us and guernsey would support post adoption. I still have family in Cornwall so this would mean we could keep the connection for holidays etc. Either of these options would be great for us as we would both be the adoptive parents.

If guernsey had a child for us we could still adopt and accept  the fact that one of us would adopt and one would have parental responsibility. This would be an ok option as I think the law will change over here. Ther…