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Matching update

Things seem to be moving forward nicely, keep waiting for a bump in the road but so far .... So good.

We are now booked to go to meet the foster parents at his school, hopefully we'll also get the results of his educational assessment. This should hopefully give us a much better picture of him day to day and what support he is likely to need moving forward.

It is going to odd to be at his school knowing he's there but not meeting him ..... It's all starting to feel so real.

Facebook knows ..... Everything

The top link popped up on my Facebook feed today .... Spooky timing! We need to choose our names soon!

We also have a talking book just arrived to start creating for LO. Feels a little early as we're not officially matched but the social workers are suggesting we get on it so I guess we better had!

How often is "too often"?

Adoption is a lot of waiting, you sit for dates for courses, wait for social workers to turn up (not that they are let just that your trying to make the house look good so once it's clean no-one can sit on the sofa because of the correct plumpness/positioning of the cushions) you wait outside panel, sure that there is no reason for them to say No but still concerned they might. You wait for phone calls to say there is a child for you. When you are linked, you wait for their social worker to visit (more cushion plumping required), after that it's waiting for dates to meet foster parents, get a date for matching panel then waiting for dates for introduction ... Then ... Well, then the wait is over and I presume there is a whole other list of waiting, but that is the time I'll be happy to wait.

At the moment we're in a new phase of waiting, a phase we've not been in before. We're waiting on a date for matching panel (and if everyone agrees we are a match for LO). …

I think we're matched .....

this feels like the closest and most real we've got to being dads .... Little ones social workers came to visit yesterday and we spoke about him for about two hours. It was a gloriously sunny evening in our back garden, where we got married 4 years ago, and we found out all about him. It was odd because as we spoke it kept feeling more and more that this was our son, even the stuff that is challenging about his behaviors I was starting to feel protective over him.

It is strange to try and put into words how connected and attached we both feel towards him - we had to stop ourselves from just saying yes there and then. We took the dogs for a LONG walk, talk over every aspect, the "challenges" we may face and how we would approach them. We both ended the walk sure that this boy could be our son.

And that is a freaky feeling!

We have spoken to our social worker today and they have spoken to his social worker and they are very pleased we are progressing.

So it's time to w…

Social worker meeting

We now have two Social Workers flying over to meet us on Monday. After 3 years our search may be coming to an end ... It is very hard not to get carried away and keep perspective. But we must try.

Luckily our house is just coming to the end of some major building work so the house will be too chaotic to be worried about cleaning every inch this weekend - they will have to take us as they find us. A refreshing change to the last set of social worker visits we had.

Things move fast

What a crazy day - I'm shattered.

We've gone from maybe having a social worker come over to visit us in Guernsey at the beginning of June to them trying to get here next week. We've had an up to date photo and an amended report plus a phone call with the social worker.

My head is totally fried and emotions are all over the place - could this be our little one?

#lgbtadoption #bigday

Adoption Link

our adoption journey hasn't really moved forward much this year.we've been struggling trough building work and settling into island life. A few weeks ago we had a message from our  SW about Adoption Link - it seemed like a new and and improved BeMy Parent. We signed up and started looking around. It was nice to finally feel like we were able to be proactive again and we've made a few enquiries and it has a good "shortlisting function so it's nice we can both look at profiles independently and save them there.
Surprisingly a second day of being signed up we were approach about a little one - we've had his report and his social worker is keen to fly to Guernsey to meet us. We've just sat and gone through his report together looking in detail and what is said - and implied in the report .... Now we need to choose if we get his SW to come meet us. A big step forward and a big decision ... The rollercoaster of emotions has started at 100 miles an hour.