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After the activity day

Well we didn't find a match but we did get a good luck angel from one of the little ones!
The activity day is a huge roller coaster of emotions from being freaked out before hand, arriving and being given the info pack, flicking through the pack and knowing there are no matches "on paper" for you, heading down to play with children, watching how other people are with the children, feeling self conscious, getting involved and having a giggle, talking to amazing children who are just wonderful (but not a match), then  trying to think if you could cope with more than you had planned, talking to social workers, having a dance, feeling exhausted and then you leave and it's all over and nothing has changed but at the same time everything has changed. 
Having a day to think it was a great experience and has shown us what we want and don't want and it has gotten us a lot more focused than we had another positive step on our adoption roller coaster (actually the day…

Adoption activity day

We have got confirmation that we are going to an adoption activity day next weekend. It is a scary prospect but exciting as well.
It feels as if we are about to step back on the crazy roller coaster ride again. For a while I feel like we've just been doing enough to stay "in the queue" and just watching others go whizzing around. Now we are about to jump back on and I'm worried about coping with the ups and down again. Memories of our last matching process have been going around my head all afternoon and I am trying to not get too emotional about it all.
On an interesting side note there is a Jungle theme to the activity day so, never wanting to pass up an opportunity for fancy dress we have to get planning .... I'm thinking animal onesies!?

Be my parent - enquiring - and waiting game

things feel they are actually on the move again. We have made our second enquiry on Be My Parent (first we heard nothing back from and it's been a while). This little one sounds like a good potential match so we will have to see how we go.

It's odd being back at this stage, feels very familiar but equally odd. I know that the waiting game takes ages and I need to stay relaxed but again, having made the enquiry on Friday, I have been refreshing my emails every so often over the weekend - "just in case" .... I'm more than aware that the social worker probably won't even have gotten the message and if they have wont be doing anything about it as it is the weekend. But I can't help it. I have also just re-read the little ones BMP profile for no apparent reason.

Also it is interesting to see how few profiles are on BMP compared to when we were last looking. We've applied to go on an activity day in the autumn as well to see what that is like.

Here we go again

today we enquired about a sibling group of two boys, it's scary to be starting to go through this process again but they seem like a good match and we've been talking about them having seen them on be my parent a few weeks ago.

It daft really as we haven't got our accommodation sorted 100% but we can't just keep waiting for everything to be perfect. We talked lots recently about the future and what we "should" do. But we've realised that being Dads is a really important part of our future at the moment and we want to prioritise that.

Our friends have just had a baby and another couple who we went through the the approval process with have just got a second child. This has made me especially "broody" and so we've been on be my parent a lot.

so it is back on the crazy roller coaster ride again and let's see where it takes us this time.

A year on and still no little one ..... but that's ok

Sorry Blog, It has been nearly a year since my last post. It has been a crazy year and it seems likely to stay a little crazy for a while longer.

Being in Guernsey has been an interesting experience and we still aren't 100% settled with accommodation and Jobs so we haven't felt ready to commit to adoption. We spent a few months earlier this year pushing ahead but there was so much uncertainty that it was hard keep looking at profiles. We book on to do an activity day but couldn't make the date that we were offered. I think that we will look again at doing one of these days as I can see it will be really good for us.

Hopefully in the next month or so we will be able to start the ball rolling again.

Also being in Guernsey is a little odd as the laws here around same sex adoption are different - as well as the laws on equal marriage. That is all hopefully going to change in the next year or so. Here is a link to the Guernsey Press about adoption Law change. as you will be abl…