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Rubber stamp

Had a lovely phone call from our social worker saying the Decision Maker and agreed with the panels recommendation and we are officially approved to adopt. Also found out that the Social worker who did our second opinion is going to be taking over for matching so we are very pleased. Nice to have a connection already and she has at least met us. So we'll wait for her now to arrange a meeting. We are fairly relaxed about it all now. Friends who were approved two weeks before us have already been matched with a little boy (took less tan three weeks!) I have to be honest and say I'm glad we have a little time out! Nice to catch our breath.


Well we are approved by panel - have to wait to get the rubber stamp from the decision maker but this stage is done. Funny feeling. Amazing that it's done and ready for the next stage.

Panel was simple and we both tried to stay relaxed and open. Bit daunting at first as its fairly formal but very nice people.

Will update more when I've had time to process it.

Panel tomorrow

Just thought it might be good to get a record of the day before panel. Tomorrow feels like it's the real start of something. The last five months have been warming up. I guess when you start this process you are thinking about having a family (however that's made up) and it is very child focused. You think about holidays and school plays and all the fun stuff you remember from your childhood. You are aware that adopted kids will have some "issues" but you know that with your love they will be fine. Then you start the home visits and its a lot like therapy, talking about you and your past. Then Prep group shows you all the other sides, abuse, birth families perspective, medical and psychological impact of children. You also start your own research and read about primal wounds and attachment disorders and you basically stay thinking why would I want a monster living with us!? But then once you get a little break towards the end whilst your report is written you start t…

Second opinion

After 17 home visits over 5 months we have just had our last meeting before panel in TEN DAYS!

Second opinion was painless and it is nice to feel really ready for panel. The SW asked a few questions that she had from reading our report and clarified a few areas. She was very friendly and it was good to meet a new SW as ours is retiring after our panel (no reflection on us I hope!)

It is an odd feeling to be at this point. To start with panel seems like some obscure mountain that you never reach the top of. But now we're nearly there. Very much looking forward to it and to the next step.