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Be my parent - enquiring - and waiting game

things feel they are actually on the move again. We have made our second enquiry on Be My Parent (first we heard nothing back from and it's been a while). This little one sounds like a good potential match so we will have to see how we go.

It's odd being back at this stage, feels very familiar but equally odd. I know that the waiting game takes ages and I need to stay relaxed but again, having made the enquiry on Friday, I have been refreshing my emails every so often over the weekend - "just in case" .... I'm more than aware that the social worker probably won't even have gotten the message and if they have wont be doing anything about it as it is the weekend. But I can't help it. I have also just re-read the little ones BMP profile for no apparent reason.

Also it is interesting to see how few profiles are on BMP compared to when we were last looking. We've applied to go on an activity day in the autumn as well to see what that is like.