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2.5 years in .... Raising a Traumatised child

Ironically I have just logged back into here to start the Blog up again and noticed that the last post I wrote (1.5 years ago) never published... that's how tired I was. So here is the 1-year update...

"I had visions of myself being an amazing blogger like others I read - charting the highs and lows of our adoption. The reality is I've been too busy dealing with the reality of our son. I also have some odd blogger guilt that I am trying to let go of.

This post will have to act as a summary of our first year of parenthood. As I write this our little one is out bouncing on his new trampoline that we got as a treat for his celebration hearing this week. He's been bouncing since 7.45 am.

So what have I learnt about being a parent to a highly anxious 7-year-old in the last year? It the toughest thing I've ever done ... and sometimes it is totally worth it, sometimes not so much.  It has put a huge strain on my relationship with my partner and I have never been so tired…