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Tough morning

It's been a big day in our house this morning. Ben and I have decided to put our adoption journey on hold for a few months. We are making lots of changes to the structure of our business and both are looking into retraining. We have always maintained that we can juggle the adoption and these changes and in theory we could, but we are both shattered with all the logistics and the financial uncertainty that come with the changes that we know we need to be responsible and step back, it may end up only being for 6 months over this winter but that would be enough to get us going again. It may end up being longer (if we considered retraining fully - I may do a degree?!) but after a long and very emotional talk this morning we feel that we would be ok to wait. We're only 33 and still feel that we have time on our side. It's hard as we have been so focused on adoption for over a year now that stepping back seems a little odd but we know, deep down under the sadness, that this is t…

Kids are like buses .....

Ok stay with me on this one .....

I don't mean to say kids are often red or green, unreliable and often a bit stinky - although!?

We have been waiting to hear back from the SW of the profile we've read of an out of county child who we are really keen on but sadly haven't had a response. We know he has a new SW so this may have something to do with it.

Then on Wednesday we get a call from our SW to say there is an in county profile they wanted us to look at so we have and we're going to try and get some more info on them as well. Last report was from May and they will have started preschool in Sept and it will be interesting to find out how that is going - they have some social anxieties that might make it challenging but will be very reviewing to see how the change is coped with.

So "kids are like buses" refers to the frequency they turn up not the other things.