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Here we go again

today we enquired about a sibling group of two boys, it's scary to be starting to go through this process again but they seem like a good match and we've been talking about them having seen them on be my parent a few weeks ago.

It daft really as we haven't got our accommodation sorted 100% but we can't just keep waiting for everything to be perfect. We talked lots recently about the future and what we "should" do. But we've realised that being Dads is a really important part of our future at the moment and we want to prioritise that.

Our friends have just had a baby and another couple who we went through the the approval process with have just got a second child. This has made me especially "broody" and so we've been on be my parent a lot.

so it is back on the crazy roller coaster ride again and let's see where it takes us this time.