Day one of intros

What we've learnt about our LO .....

He has learnt what is said on each page of our talking intro book and loved the teddy that went with the book.

Because we put our real names in the book he was struggling to call us daddy and dad (this changed during the day (but I would advise others not to put names book and have a single image of each of you with the name you want to be called).

He likes playing football but didn't have one at foster carers. We are going to the beach today and said we'd buy him a football to take today. He asked for a blue one .... We managed to find one last night, phew!

He will listen to everything and copy and adopt sayings, phrases etc. we were playing hide and seek in the part and at one point I sat next to where he was hiding saying how sad I was that I had lost him then the next time I hid he said the same thing with fake tears and everything! I had to come out of hiding saying don't be sad and he ran over and gave me a huge hug .... Melted my heart.

LO is very energetic and we are going to need to be fitter!!!

He hasn't 100% grasped the moving and permanence of what is happening and this will need to be worked on this week.

He is a cheeky monkey and we will need to be very firm and make sure he knows the boundaries.

We managed to get some great photos and videos during the 4.5 hour visit (was supposed to be two but we just stayed on as it was going well) foster carer is very relaxed and welcoming. LO didn't want us to go and we had to reassure him that we are coming back today.


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